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Geneva, Switzerland, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Non-fungible tokens’ (NFTs) use cases have diversified with their fast adoption, and one of them is philanthropy. NFTs can be used to raise funds in a transparent way with the potential of reaching out to very wide audiences. Some major organizations have already adopted NFTs as a way to organize fundraising for charitable causes, such as the WWF with their Non-Fungible-Animals (NFA), Alivia’s Buy my cancer NFT series to fund cancer treatments, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund with their carbon-neutral Moon Gorillas, and Beeple’s USD 6 million NFT auction donated to Open Earth Foundation. More recently, Gomo+ has launched a novel format for charities under the hashtags #collecttohelp and #C2H.

NFTs are often associated with gaming, and with speculative investments, and not everyone believes NFTs for charity is a good idea. However, Gomo+ is not another one-off NFT project. Gomo+ is meant to create awareness about biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. It aims to organically build a community that cares and takes action to protect nature. Each NFT collection will support a cause. The Gomo+ team has selected the first collections and causes to support, while the community is expected to decide the next causes to be supported, and upcoming collections will be created accordingly.

The story of Gomo+ started early in 2022, in a meeting between colleagues, former colleagues, and friends, celebrating the life of late Margot, also known as Gomo. Margot was a dog found fading in horrendous conditions at a construction site, and who became the glue of the team of a nascent innovation lab, and its Chief Entertainment Officer. Her excitement and care for every moving creature cheered and motivated everyone around her.

The Gomo+ project invites people to care about nature as much as she did and to support those who are acting to protect it. NFTs are used as a tool to reach and engage with an audience that is appreciative of the importance of communities —the same audience supporting DeFi, participating in Discord groups, and contributing to DAOs.  Those buying and trading the NFTs will know who they will be helping too —it will all be visible in the smart contracts. Secondary sales of these NFTs will continue to support conservationist causes via royalties.

Gomo+ trusts that an audience trying to build a fairer finance system would also want to support real causes in a different way and via NFTs with a purpose that can be collected. Besides, NFT collectors are known to love animal themes, so Gomo+ is one to watch! Collect your NFT to help at


Location: Switzerland

Contact name: Mat de Franceschi

Contact email: care (at)





WWF – Non-Fungible-Animals

Location: Germany

Contact email: info (at)

Contact name: Eberhard Brandes


Buy my cancer

Location: Alivia Foundation ul. Wąwozowa 11, 
02-796 Warsaw, Poland

Contact name: Martyna Pawlikowska

Contact email: martyna.pawlikowska (at)


Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Location: Atlanta, United States

Contact name: Erika Archibald

Contact email:  earchibald (at)


Open Earth Foundation

Location: California, United States

Contact email: info (at)

Contact name: Manuela Lopez



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