Is collecting and trading enough for postal NFT stamp owners?


Meet the first postal NFT stamps with lifetime real life benefits for eligible collectors issued by Bhutan Post in cooperation with Stampsdaq.

THIMPHU, TALLIN, September 19, 2022. The engagement of postal operators with new digital technologies brings new and exciting opportunities for collectors of the oldest postal asset – postage stamps, but in digital format. Starting September 20th, 2022, the collectors from around the world can become the owners of the first postal NFT stamps with ownership benefits which have never been available to philatelists before.

The traditional stamp collecting formula “Collect + Trade + Enjoy” is now being upgraded to include real life experiences, global contesting and gaming opportunities, permanently available to NFT stamps collectors on Such an enhancement of collecting experience, enabled by blockchain technology and combined with over 180 years of postal philatelic heritage, makes it possible to create the most entertaining and rewarding NFT ecosystem and become one of the biggest digital collectible markets worldwide. 

Real Life Experiences

Philately has always been about history, culture, sport, science, social, political and economic life of the country issuing the stamps. It is a philatelic habit to “travel the world” by studying the stories behind the stamp images and sharing them with fellow philatelists. Tomorrow, Bhutan Post and Stampsdaq are launching the first set of NFT stamps of the many to come, the owners of which can win a real life, exclusive travel experience – to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan up to 4 times a year. This travel program is permanent allowing, thus, a qualified collector to enjoy the travel benefits for the rest of life and even pass them to their heirs later on. In short, the program works in the following way – every quarter there is a draw for 1 travel experience to a country. For every full 10 points in collector’s country collection score, he will get 1 draw ticket. So, the bigger is the country collection score – the more tickets a collector gets and, thus, the higher are his winning chances every quarter to win a trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Travel benefits are the first but not last on the list of real-life experiences to be offered to NFT stamps collectors on Stampsdaq in the coming months and years.

Global Ranking Contests

People collect stamps by country, by theme, by year or any other dimensions. Even though collecting stamps is an interesting and passionate hobby in analog format, it now gets an exciting and rewarding global contesting twist to it in digital NFT format. Transparent, traceable and cost efficient NFT stamps collecting and trading allow to run truly global ranking contests to highlight the best of the best in the community. And to reward them regularly!

Stampsdaq is offering three ranking contests to allow rewarding the biggest collectors, biggest traders and owners of the most traded NFT stamps.


Gaining valuable knowledge is one the best “side effects’ of stamps collecting. Trivia or Quiz games are one of the most popular brain games today. The collectors of NFT Stamps on Stampsdaq can already enjoy the possibility to play such game and be rewarded for every win. Trivia game is now offered only in English with more languages to come in the coming months.

Stampsdaq is developing as a dedicated partnership platform to facilitate the needs and create opportunities for and between postal operators and the global community of digital collectors with mainstream adoption of NFT Stamps in mind. Introducing new ways of interacting with postage stamp heritage, Stampsdaq also contributes to the development and rejuvenation of traditional stamp collecting as the underlying philatelic values are now being expanded and enriched with new possibilities offered by the digital world.


Media Contacts:

Andrii Shapovalov

Chief Executive Officer

About Bhutan Post

Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited (Bhutan Post) is the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan servicing a domestic and international mail and parcel logistics for close to 800000 of its citizens. Bhutan’s postage stamps had been widely recognized by thousands of stamp collectors around the world, promoting country’s nature, architecture, culture and social life.

About Stampsdaq

Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and exclusively dedicated to cooperation with postal operators worldwide. It has recently launched a marketplace for NFT Stamps based on Polygon Blockchain. The company promotes and implements the vision of creating an extra utility value and real-world experiences for NFT Stamps owners to drive the interest to NFT Stamps collecting. Stampsdaq currently hold several license agreements with different postal operators and is in active negotiations with over 50 postal operators worldwide. It is also an associate member of the. Post Group and WADP (World Association for Development of Philately) of the Universal Postal Union.  

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