The Bored Apes NFT game is literally about chasing shit


After a couple of years of successfully selling ugly scribbles of silly apes for obscene prices to people with too much money, Bored Ape Yacht Club parent company Yuga Labs is moving into game development. And it’s doing so exactly as you’d expect: Dookey Dash (opens in new tab) is a game about swimming through a sewer in pursuit of magical monkey poop. 

Here’s the premise, because we might as well embrace the entirety of this ridiculousness: Jimmy, one of the Bored Apes, “took a shit so atomic he ripped a damn hole in the space-time continuum.” Out of that hole stepped an ape from different universe, who handed a box and key to another Bored Ape named Curtis. A party ensued, during which Jimmy—recovered from his earlier gastrointestinal issues, I guess—swallowed the key, leading to yet more quality time on the throne.

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