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23rd SEPTEMBER 2022

Butties is going to promote their NFT because the invasion lands on Opensea

The French artist Zekey arrives with a selection of 10 000 NFT named The Butties. An already cult phenomenon.

Butties collection includes NFTs from some of the industry’s most popular and well-known brands and some lesser-known but equally impressive brands. They have something for everyone, regardless of your taste or budget.

As a part of its Marketing strategy, the butties will promote their NFT in various cryptocurrency forums. The idea behind this move is to increase awareness about this project and increase the number of investors in the community. Butties have already recruited some leading professionals from different cryptocurrency forums to promote the product.

Also, butties will promote their NFT because we have the best gallery NFT and The Butties is a private collection of NFTs and unique digital collectibles.

“With this ICICB GROUP, we are currently working on treasure hunting RPG (role-playing game), which will take place in the Metaverse. The Butties are little creatures who just landed on an island where a treasure hunt would occur. NFT owners will be rewarded with goodies, artwork, etc. We want to create a unique and friendly place,” said Vincent Lafif, the co-founder.

About Butties

NFT The Butties: The invasion lands on Opensea

The French artist Zekey arrives with a selection of 10 000 NFT named The Butties. An already cult phenomenon. This is the story of the most hype butt of the year. A butt, straight from the creative mind of the French artist Vincent Lafif, aka Zekey. A butt named The Butties, or Moncul for French natives, a cartoonish character, so sweet yet authentic. Signed as an Artist at Jardin Orange, a Shenzhen, China-based gallery and artistic residency, Zekey also exposes in Toulouse, south of France.

Leaves a doubt, the NFT project, The Butties, set itself apart from everything you could have seen until now.


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