TKTZ – Disrupting the Airline Industry Using NFT Technology


Once in a lifetime (maybe a few) technology and industrial development see a major disruption or a leap. Google, Facebook, Amazon, AirBNB disrupted industries by solving hard problems that touches the masses, using breakthroughs in technological infrastructures. Now… TKTZ is on a mission to create as significant of a disruption by leveraging emerging technologies! 

TKTZ is disrupting the airline industry. What’s more, it is creating the world’s first plane tickets genuine NFT utility. The ultimate link between NFT technology and its physical day-to-day use case.

Imagine a new, revolutionary way to travel at any time and any place, the ability to book a flight ticket easily with no worries, and most importantly – the freedom to trade your ticket on an open, secure and transparent platform. This is exactly what TKTZ does.

TKTZ uses blockchain technology to turn flight tickets into NFTs, linking NFT technology with daily use cases, connecting technology with community, and a groundbreaking capability to make NFT part of the mainstream.

This connection offers all of us a new type of freedom, the freedom to trade your flight tickets in a free market – on the TKTZ platform.
This is the right and secure way to book any flight ticket you wish. This absolute confidence comes from the fact that you can always resell it!

This technological frontier hides a genuine ideology.

TKTZ believes in a free market, in sharing, and in equal opportunity. This means that everyone can be part of the TKTZ vision, as a user and even as part of the community of premium club holders!

And it doesn’t stop there. TKTZ is a full Web3 company, soon to launch an NFT collection of 10,000 pieces. TKTZ’s NFT collection serves as premium club membership cards, allowing holders to get up to 25% off any ticket they purchase!

A “real-life” benefit the NFT holders can use to save money as soon as the marketplace launches!

In addition, holders will enjoy many other benefits in the future, based on a rewarding multi-level loyalty program and community mechanism which TKTZ is expected to unveil in the coming weeks and months. At this point, however, we can say that this program will affect the level of discounts which holders will be able to use on the TKTZ platform, in addition to other exclusive benefits.

Very soon you will be able to join the new and revolutionary members club, bringing together exciting travels and a global club that serves as a hub for trailblazers who don’t shy away from taking a stand for their future.

This is the first time that blockchain and NFT technologies have harnessed to encode an everyday use case that improves the way we all travel and experience.

The NFT community has been making headlines for some time now; yet this news is relevant to anyone who’s ever taken a commercial flight.

Your flight tickets, whichever way you purchase them, are non-tradable.

Airlines offer you a seat on a specific flight, and you have no real freedom to change your travel date if you are unable to take the flight.

If change is permitted, it depends on the airline’s rules and, in most cases, will also cost money.

Of course you won’t be able to sell your ticket to anyone else, even though you have paid for it – we have all become accustomed to this!

TKTZ is changing this by allowing everyone to buy and sell their tickets, and in addition, to gain by selling their tickets on TKTZ’s marketplace.

Don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by.

Join the TKTZ premium community, start saving, and enjoy the additional advantages and benefits awarded to you as a member.

No matter what ticket you end up buying or when you buy it, your discount applies!

TKTZ and its community represent the next revolutionary step: ultimate independence in managing your assets on a free market where power is at the hands of ticket owners, full transparency and fair trade!

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