An Omega MoonSwatch Went To Space


On October 26, 2022, a small carbon fiber rig made a slow weather balloon-assisted ascent into earth’s atmosphere carrying one of the most in-demand payloads in recent watch history: Swatch’s Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon – maybe you’ve heard of it. The watch was sent up as the first endeavor of a recently launched (launched, get it? Like a roc– okay nevermind) collective of horology fans called For Exhibition Purposes Only (FEPO), with the intention that the watch be sold and 20 percent of the profits go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Unlike Apollo 11, however, this Mission to the Moon came up a little short, making it only about 0.0085% of the way to the moon before safely returning to Earth, but who’s really keeping score?

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