The heart of the Pass is a new, NFT-centric venue in Las Vegas where communities will meet IRL for onboarding from Web2 to Web3, launch new art and NFT projects, enjoy unique immersive and live experiences, or just mix and mingle.  

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Non-Fungible Art™ Inc (NFA™), the NFT agency and mega-community innovator, specializing in physical/digital cross-over collections of sight and sound, announced today that they will drop their inaugural, limited edition, NFA™ Membership Pass on September 28st, to be available on

Among NFA™ Pass’ varied membership perks will include 4 free NFTs from NFA’s private collection and VIP access to their new phy-digital experience venue at the Arts District in Las Vegas. Through their exclusive Project Partner Program, NFA, in partnership with the world famous Zinu™ and their zombie-mob legions, joins hundreds of other NFT collections and thousands of community members to create a truly engaged and fast growing mega-community for all. “The Pass will give NFT projects a continuing way to grow their own communities and utility, plus establish an enormous platform for new NFT projects to introduce their works, while also giving their collectors an IRL hub to meet-up”, said Sidney Richlin, CEO of NFA. “It also gives visitors the ability to be onboarded into Web3 by our onsite Mods.  This can include everything from signing-up for their first crypto wallet to being gifted their first NFT.”

The Vegas sites plan to host a rotating Gallery of NFT and physical art, immersive entertainment, live stage and streaming performances, lounge and unique retail “shopping” experience. NFA is providing a hub for holders to engage peer-to-peer and to network with leaders at special events, while unlocking innovative new experiences. Passholders who can’t make it IRL, will still enjoy access to live streams ranging from NFT launch parties, pop-up shows and concerts, to intimate special leadership events. 

With an advisory board as varied as its collaborations, from music moguls like Snoop Dogg and Slash to sports starts like NBA All-Star Ralph Sampson and Rashad Evans, NFA caters to some of the world’s most established IP and talent while having committed a large part of their IRL experience to help showcase, promote and support emerging creators. 

NFA is scheduled to follow up their launch of the Pass quickly with the much-anticipated initial drop of Crypto Homies™; created in collaboration with its founder David Gonzalez, the 30-year legacy of the Homies® OG six characters.

About Non-Fungible Art™

    • NFA works with established and iconic IP across sports, collectibles, music and culture to produce NFT collections that bridge the gap between digital, physical and IRL experiences. Their new physical Vegas venues will act as a global platform to connect their mega-community and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

For more information, visit For the latest news, drops, and future experiences – follow @NFA_Inc on Twitter.

About Crypto Homies™

NFTs based on the iconic Homies®, which in their 25th year have made their way from comics and vending machine to cult status and now the blockchain barrio. For more news and information, visit and join our Discord – or follow @CryptoHomies_.

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