South Korea’s z-emotion partners with Lambda256 to launch first fashion NFT


z-emotion, a South Korean 3D fashion design and real-time simulation technology provider, has partnered with Lambda256 to introduce its first digital fashion NFT.

The first set of exclusive digital fashion NFTs based on the popular IP, Ghost Soul Society (GSS), is set to be released on CYPHRLY which is Lambda256’s global NFT marketplace that provides authentic digital collectibles that obtain physical merits and data-driven features.

“Digital fashion NFTs create new revenue opportunities when brands or content creators leverage their IPs to generate digital-only products and interact with customers,” said Dongsoo Han, CEO of z-emotion.

Han added, “NFTs contain great value when they are still connected with physical benefits, and we are very excited to collaborate with CYPHRLY to provide levels of creativity from the real world and virtual world by letting consumers have both digital and physical ownership of these products.”

Jay Park, CEO of Lambda256 mentioned, “With z-emotion, CYPHRLY will produce advanced digital fashion and expand with physical merit. CYPHRLY users can easily purchase NFTs through simple registration and payment process once they register on CYPHRLY website. Not only new projects, but also existing projects can enter the CYPHRLY marketplace to appeal to more than web3 users.”

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