StemsDAO Teams Up With Elohim for Innovative NFT Remix Contest –


In a boundary-pushing proposition, Elohim has teamed up with StemsDAO to offer her fans and a global community of music producers the chance to officially remix her music.

StemsDAO is fostering a strong community, fueled by conversations around music production and the world of Web3. The platform has set out to help musicians bypass the bottlenecks of copyright issues that often happen when remixing the music of major artists, while driving community-led ownership over these newly created works.

Following collaborations with the likes of Poolside, Harris Cole, White Cliffs, Sound of Fractures and more, StemsDAO has now teamed up with the celebrated singer, songwriter and producer to offer artists the chance to reimagine the stems of her acclaimed 2019 EP, BRAINDEAD as NFTs.

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