The World’s First Miner-Pegged NFT Unveiled By MetaBlox


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MetaBlox presented the first miner-pegged NFT at the NFT NYC event on June 22nd. It was announced that each NFT would link to a miner that provides the general public with free WiFi services at  particular locations. Miners generate  passive income (MBLX tokens) for the NFT holders. During the event, the MetaBlox team successfully demonstrated how the MetaBlox miners and app work together.

“It’s an honor to be developing the first miner-pegged NFT” said Jeffrey Manner, MetaBlox’s Co-Founder and Team Lead. All the NFTs will be linked to MetaBlox miners, and they will be released in limited supplies.  

NFT Utilities

The MetaBlox NFT is packed with several valuable utilities: 

  • By linking to a miner, MetaBlox NFTs supply their  holders with ongoing $MBLX tokens. 
  • The NFT is also a VIP pass to MetaBlox communities, getting holders into special events, and providing access to airdrops from GameFi partners, boosted incomes from DeFi partners, as well other location based services.  
  • NFT holders can also obtain co-mining tokens from ecosystem partners with specific miner types.

What’s Next?

The MetaBlox NFT will be available on OpenSea on September 6th, 2022, while quantities last. 

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