This Dynamic NFT Collection Brings Next-Gen Gaming NFTs to Web 3 With Evolving Utility


MetaGoblin 3D NFT Collection – Powered by MetaBlaze

Crypto gaming is going through some growing pains. The first wave of viral play to earn crypto games have been and gone, leaving a lot of unanswered questions. In such an exciting and speculative field, how do you keep your players engaged long-term? What’s going to incentivize them to keep playing your game, instead of hopping on the next hype train?

The crypto gaming industry is waiting with bated breath for the next iconic NFT game. Gamers across the globe are eager to discover the next best NFTs to buy and dive into a gaming ecosystem that actively rewards them for contributing while bringing players sustainable value and compelling, immersive experiences.

With this in mind, one of the best NFTs to invest in right now is the MetaGoblin collection released by the team of crypto gaming visionaries at Metablaze. The MetaBlaze team is turning the crypto gaming world upside down and completely reimagining the expectations of the industry.

Before we dive into why MetaGoblins NFTs are a hidden gem and some of the best NFTs to buy right now, let’s take a look at why MetaBlaze is one of the best new p2e gaming platforms and why experts are saying it’s the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2022.

While most crypto games are entirely focused on building hype through unsustainable tokenomics, MetaBlaze is going against the grain and crafting a rich, game-first metaverse. The attention to detail with regard to world-building and storytelling is unmatched.

For example, every single MetaGoblin NFT has its very own name and role within the MetaBlaze universe. Instead of simply being MetaGoblin #1397 or MetaGoblin #420, every single MetaGoblin has a unique identity and destiny to fulfill. Additionally, inscribed in the metadata, each MetaGoblin NFT is assigned a Terrain type for its lead role in MetaBlaze’s inaugural P2E game, MetaMinez.

The MetaBlaze universe is set to transcend the boundaries of what we’ve seen previously in play-to-earn crypto games. Players are actively incentivized to form meaningful connections within the MetaBlaze community through a multitude of game sequences and events.

Making friends with other MetaBlazers today could help players form galactic alliances later on in-game. In many ways, the players and community members are as much a part of the worldbuilding process as the game designers.

Alongside building a profound and exquisite game world, MetaBlaze is also pioneering new standards of social integration and reinventing the crossroads where gaming and social channels intersect.

If you’re looking for the best NFT to buy right now then look no further. The MetaGoblins NFTs are not only dynamic, utility-driven NFTs, but a masterpiece of NFT art. Featuring over 400 individual attributes meticulously drawn by hand and rendered in jaw-dropping 3D, the MetaGoblins look equally stunning as a digital art collectible as they do earn you sustainable crypto rewards in the MetaBlaze universe.

MetaGoblins 2

Rarest NFTs – 3 King MetaGoblin NFTs – Unlock Immediate Bitcoin Rewards

The MetaGoblin NFTs will be an integral element in MetaMinez, the inaugural NFT game of the MetaBlaze experience. In MetaMinez every MetaGoblin will delve into the perilous surface of Blue Moon SES. In the treacherous mines, MetaGoblins will harvest priceless Terranzinite crystals.

To add a layer of strategy to the game, all MetaGoblins NFTs have certain traits coded into their metadata. This impacts their mining efficiency depending on the terrain and environment of each mine, with complementary scenarios rewarding players with a greater hoard of Terranzinite. Terranzinite crystals are packed with popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, and SOL, making them extremely valuable for players to unearth in the crystal mines.

This is a revolutionary concept in the play to earn crypto gaming space. The MetaGoblins NFTs are one of the few collections that provide tangible, ongoing value to holders. What’s more is, MetaBlaze will continuously increase utility for NFTs within its ecosystem, creating a foundation to support sustainable value appreciation.

Long term, holding a MetaGoblin NFT and playing immersive and engaging MetaBlaze games will ultimately give players greater rewards than selling their NFTs on the open market. This innovative concept makes the MetaGoblins one of the best NFTs to invest in and will influence natural buy pressure on the NFTs.

The MetaBlaze experience goes so much further than just the MetaMinez game. In fact, MetaMinez is only the first installment in an expansive and dynamic series of interlinked NFT games.

As the MetaBlaze universe continues its prolific growth, the utility of MetaBlaze NFTs will organically increase alongside it. The MetaGoblins NFTs are resourceful miners, but who knows what other useful skills they’ll have in the following games or their impact on NFT crafting? One thing that is certain is that they’ll continually provide value to holders, driven by the solid fundamentals of the MetaBlaze ecosystem.

There’s still time to mint rare and valuable MetaGoblin NFTs through the Blaziverse dApp accessible from the MetaBlaze website. Simply visit the website and connect your wallet to enter the dApp. Visit the website here:

MetaGoblins 3

MetaGoblin 3D NFT Collection – Powered by MetaBlaze

Within the Blaziverse dApp, holders can access their personal vault and see all their NFTs, as well as their traits and rarity, in one simple interface.

MetaGoblins 4

The sale went live on October 15 with over 1,060 MetaGoblin NFTs already minted. Since the mint opened, the floor price has remained stable above the mint price on the Opensea NFT marketplace, so it makes more sense to mint new, potentially rare MetaGoblins instead of picking them at a premium on secondary. However, several very rare MetGoblins are currently listed for sale.

Minters also have the opportunity of minting one of the remaining MetaGoblin Kings and winning amazing prizes. During the presale, one lucky buyer blindly minted the Legendary Goblin King, which entitled them to an incredible instant grand prize of $50,000 USD paid in Bitcoin, or a brand new Tesla. After some deliberation, the buyer chose to take the Bitcoin reward, which was instantly transferred to the lucky winner on-chain.

That’s not the end of the prizes, however. Hidden amongst the remaining supply of MetaGoblin NFTs are the two more Goblin Kings, each with their own generous bounty. Minting the Epic Goblin King entitles the buyer to an instant cash prize of $25,000 USD, while the Mystical Goblin King will bestow a $10,000 USD prize (paid in BTC).

Next Gen Gaming is Already Here

The crypto gaming space is anxiously searching for a new champion, yet the best new p2e NFT game is already here. Driven by utility-backed NFTs and a solid, sustainable play-to-earn economy, MetaBlaze is a shining example of how visionary teams can stand out in an uncertain market and continue to lead innovation and progress in the exciting world of web3 gaming.

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